Sur Empanada Factory & Bakery was inspired by Argentinian signature flavors and culture. Sur presents a charming atmosphere, allowing people to experience the beautiful city of Buenos Aires in New York City. People will experience our traditional Argentinian pastries, empanadas, sandwiches, cakes, and the simple pleasure in life.


Debora Caprov is the founder and Empanadas' chef of Sur Empanada Factory & Bakery, the first Argentinian Bakery in Manhattan. Sur is the store that Debora hoped already existed but since it didn’t she had to create it from scratch. The idea was simple, to bring a piece of her country and signature flavors to New York City. The conceptual idea was created 13 years ago back in California while she was attending college missing Argentinian pastries and rituals. One of those rituals is to go the neighborhood bakery to buy “Facturas" pastries to share with friends and family for breakfast or mid-afternoon macchiato (cortado). Empanadas are also a big part of the Argentinian culture. People have them for lunch, dinner, or to watch a soccer game. Coffee is also very important not only as great drink but as an excuse to sit around to chat with friends. In 2013 the idea became a reality and the first authentic Argentinian bakery in Manhattan was opened.